Meden Parker



Meden Parker is a remarkably diverse potter who involves himself in every step of the ceramic process and in doing so develops a personal connection with all the pieces he creates.  His signature works can be found in numerous private collections, some of which he himself had the chance to enjoy as he awaited the birth of his son at Cape Cod Hospital.  Meden’s raw talent was developed at Scargo Pottery under the wing of the entire Scargo family including the founder Harry Holl after taking only one ceramic class in high school.  He chooses to focus on more personal achievements in his career as he recently reflects on “a piece that was purchased as an urn and he remembers the feeling of honor to have his work used in such an important manor.”  To him, nothing could be more important and this is the reason why Meden puts the same energy into all his pieces whether it is a mug, vase, or castle. 

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