Tina Holl



Tina Holl is an incredible sculptor and diverse functional potter who relishes in the freedom to be creative, which she has done both in her own shop, Stoneware Pottery Studio, in the seventies and at Scargo Pottery today.  Her works range from contemporary slab vases to abstract sculptural figures and can be found in homes throughout the country.  Tina studied at the Swain School of Design at UMASS Dartmouth before returning to the Cape where she co-founded Cape Cod Potters, COOP.  Throughout the years she has taught numerous workshops at places such as The Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis and Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill.  Tina is a very inspirational artist as she believes “The best part of being a potter is making from beginning to end that creation which is in my head and having it turn out even better that I imagined.  And I try to do that every day.”  In today’s market, her work shines as people begin to see their pieces as an individual, much like themselves. 



Tina is currently not taking any custom orders, but is happy to be contacted about the availability of existing work.


Gallery of Work