Kim Holl

Kim Holl's work as a potter has always been influenced by her father, Harry Holl. While her educational background was not in art, Harry saw her potential to become a potter and encouraged her to join the family business at Scargo Pottery. Shawn Dahlstrom, Paul Fitzgerald, Kevin Nolan, and Kim all worked together as interns under the constant guidance of Harry. Now 35 years later, the fascination for art Harry instilled lives on, making all his interns, apprentices, daughters, grandchildren, etc. grateful to have been students of Harry's. The techniques Kim uses as a full-time potter are a tribute to her father. She hopes people see something of his style in her work. Kim learned from Harry that loving your job comes first, then you excel and develop your talent.

Kim, Tina Holl, and Meden Parker carry on the Scargo Pottery traditions of an intern-apprentice program and run an open workspace where visitors are welcome to ask questions, explore the process, and wander the studio while potters work. At Scargo Pottery, there's always a piece of clay to be given out to kids of all ages.

Scargo Pottery & Art Gallery
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